Vote 🗳 As If Your Life Depends On It

Because it does Vote 🗳 for Diversity, Women, Men, and Men who support Women. Vote 🗳 for environmental protection and universal healthcare. Vote 🗳 to bring back sanity to our government. So many died for our right to Vote 🗳 Vote 🗳 in honor of those who can't.


Vote 2016 🇺🇸😊

I voted today, by mail.

Election 2016

If you are African American you OWE it to your Ancestors to VOTE .  They were beaten, jailed, and murdered for YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE. Do your research and make a choice.  But your choice should NEVER be NOT to VOTE.  #HonorTheVote Make this go viral. We cannot afford to lose 1 vote.  The Declaration … Continue reading Election 2016