URBAN HIJAB® is about modesty and style. We believe high-quality and modest fashion go well together. We are honored to offer the best in original Urban Islamic Fashion Options, and these choices strive to meet Islamic dress code for covering and beautification. Our clothing line is original, designed and made in the USA, and consists of classic, traditional, contemporary, and urban designs. We use modern fabrics, finishing techniques, and tailoring to achieve the high standards expected by the educated consumer. We endeavor to satisfy fashion tastes while maintaining the modest look required by Islam.

Design and production have taken a back seat in the past few years. After a near-fatal interaction with prescription medication, subsequent disability, and ongoing recovery, URBAN HIJAB® is back in a more nuanced and holistic way.

Hi, I’m Sandra. I love cats, dogs (but I’m Muslim and shouldn’t say that out loud), lemon based desserts, and sarcasm. Follow me for an acerbic and forthright look at a convert’s life in NYC. Read more