Eid Mubarak – Ramadan Resolutions! Or in simple English, Blessed Feast (of the Breaking of the Fast). And on the Islamic lunar calendar, it is the year 1439! Yes! We made it to the end of Ramadan! Happy Feast Day!

Eid Is Here

Despite the persistent hint of sadness in our salutations, we greet this day with glee. In the first place, almost all of us fare thee well, oh Ramadan and your self-disciplining rigors. Goodbye to the pre-dawn meal, Suhoor, and our calm yet frenetic paces. Not to mention, Adieu to the packed shoulder-to-shoulder nighttime prayers at the mosque. Even so, one thing we hope will stay with us are lessons you taught us. Your challenges unearthed persistent weaknesses which you deftly turn into strengths for the competitor. Deficiencies which you purposefully exposed and polished. Now, our mission is to improve on what you taught.

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