Easy Upside-Down Flan

Hello, Lovely People!

Yes, it is simple to make a flan. Moreover, without flipping, or burning caramel sugar, Easy Upside-Down Flan is a custard, which everyone will love.

Simple, easy to prepare, wholesome foods is the best. Sometimes, though, a bit of naughtiness creeps into one’s culinary daydreams. When it comes to food cravings, indulging oneself could stave off a self-inflicted type of torture. Nonetheless, giving in to an occasional desire is marvelous for a person’s happiness. At the same time, however, we should refrain from going overboard. But, here is a recipe for a Dominican style of flan, which for any of us is heavenly. However, for the baker making this dessert often results in a kitchen catastrophe.

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Spread Love, Peace, and Cheer, insha’Allaah

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