5 Tips for Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is almost here. During the weeks prior, countless happily await this promising season. Fasting, Iftars at sunset, and nights dedicated to the splendor of prayer. These, undoubtedly are some of the hallmarks of Ramadan. And yet, despite the indisputable joy felt throughout one hopeful period, a few always experience a vexing disquiet. Anxiety unprovoked by the expectant rigors of fasting, waking for pre-dawn meals known as Suhoor, or lost sleep. Instead, this fear stems from a perpetual uneasiness. In fact, that restlessness originates from a dread, of sharing this auspicious time with non-Muslim family, friends, and notably, colleagues.

To make the approach of this month easier, here are 5 Tips for Ramadan. Read more.

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