Wisdom Quote – Losing All Contacts

Disasters have a way of honing priorities and redefine strengths, but above all, they confirm the Sublime Majesty of God, Allaah. At the onset of misfortune, we can hardly imagine any benefits arising from the predicament. Instead, our focus veers toward the accompanying aggravating mind-numbing swerving stress. Nevertheless, with patience, plus hindsight, we ultimately see the Power and Wisdom of God, as difficulties subside. The death of a dumb flip-phone, coupled with medical trauma highlighted more than a few personal failings and weaknesses. However, it is during times of crisis that dormant forces awaken. To clarify, the Wisdom Quote for Losing All Contacts came from a Dear Friend. “You lacked the courage to cut people who abandon you. Instead, God removed them from your life.” Slam on the brakes! Read more


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