Muslimah Savors Pico de Gallo Quiche

Muslimah Savors Pico de Gallo Quiche 2

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A Muslimah savors Pico de Gallo Quiche and finds an apt metaphor. She is colorful like the salad and just as fresh. Crunchy, sour, as sweet as any of the ingredients, and she kicks like a chili pepper. Taken together and in the right proportions, she is enlivening. The Muslim Woman and her hijab regularly give admirers or detractors, the chance to uncover their preconceived ideas, prejudices, and banal misconceptions. True sympathy and familiarity deconstruct allurement and misperceived weakness of a woman who can be as unpredictable as the recipes for Pico de Gallo are variable.

The curious have often asked why I converted to Islam. Their inquests often masked an ulterior motive. It is presumptuous, but in my defense and to their chagrin, the questioners departed from our encounters deflated, unenthused, or sometimes questioned why my answers are incompatible with their predetermined set of ideas. This observation applies equally to Muslims and non-Muslims.

Q: Was there a dramatic event in your life that caused you to leave Christianity?

Muslimah Savors Pico de Gallo Quiche 2

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