Humor, Laugh, Funny

My heart is the size of my ass.

You don’t have to be crazy to be my friend.  I’ll train you.

When you see hateration and holleration on the dancery.

Today you ignore me because I’m a potato.  One day I’ll be french fries and you’ll crave me.

My man got mad at me because he saw me messaging an old friend of mine on Facebook.  I told him it was completely harmless and he said it he catch me on FB again he gone swipe my whole head across the keyboard.  As y’all can see I clear don’t give a fuucjqjajbrnsneklsms E d hdkwkndhdudkwnrbrieknrbdufjrjenf.  Djsksnd s mcfnahabe difnskeidhebe hsn hdhdhsb bdbdjkrktkeuwhevejihahsbdvhdhdndjfrfnuf.  Fhekrnfnjs.  Dhdjsnd chc.  Did mf fjskndhdnwkd f jfkwnrdbjwnbrhrken fbeknendjwkwknd


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