Orange is such a lovely color.

Marilyn Monroe quote
“Always, always, always believe in yourself, because if you don’t, then who will?”  Marilyn Monroe

Orange Fork Spoon
Abstract Fork & Spoon

Looking at an earthy or rich shade of orange is a sublime experience.  It is easy to become lost in its beauty and excellence.

Orange Fork Spoon 3
Orange Fork & Spoon 3

Best orange experience

It feels like mild torture.  I did the tourist thing in the city of Istanbul, Turkey many moons ago.  It was summertime and hot.  I purchased a bottle of orange Fanta soda from a street vendor, and I have never been the same.  Fanta tastes differently in New York City than it does in Istanbul, and for the longest time it was impossible to understand the difference.  Later, an associate who works for an agribusiness told me, in order to accommodate taste preferences, formulas are changed from one country to another.

Orange Fork Spoon 4
Orange Fork & Spoon 4

How cruel.  We travel, meet new people, and have different experiences, but then are left with a void, a yearning for a new taste which cannot be found at the corner bodega.

Orange Fork Spoon 6
Orange Fork & Spoon 6

The following are pictures I saw on Pinterest.

Old Orange Building

There is something really beautiful about old buildings.

Worst orange experience

I received a lamb’s wool orange sweater.  It was the wrong shade of orange.  I guess some folks think any shade of orange is OK and it really isn’t.

Magnificent Sunset

I think I would faint if I saw a sunset this gorgeous.

My people and orange

An overabundance of orange can rattle the senses.  As beautiful as this color is, it is better to not go too heavy with it.  They say a complementary color of orange is blue, but I think it also goes superbly with green.

Tomato Smile
Don’t forget to eat your vegetables.

Wheat Field & Birds
Imagine, the wheat from this field will one day become bread, cake, pastelitos, or brownies.

I hope you enjoyed these lovely photographs.

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