Video: My Name Is Islam

Here is a nice spoken-word piece by a young Somali-Minnesotan-American Sister.  Here she eloquently allows Islam to speak for itself.  It’s a reaffirmation for those who know, an opportunity to learn for the less knowledgeable.

Let me introduce myself,
My name is Islam.

The root word of ‘Peace’ Salaam
Or even Saleem meaning submission,
Which to a Muslim, is like his tuition.
It’s his ticket in but before I begin,
Let me greet you like I’m suppose to do,
So, Assalaamu 3alaykum, May peace be upon you.

You know, it’s kind of funny,
How I’m accused of oppressing
When really, I’m oppressed.

I’ve become on the list of things to detest,
I’m screamed and raged in almost every protest,
I’ve become the Red Scare, a threat to the West.

You see, if you look at me and all my obligations,
You see why I have such a great population.
It’s because there’s that motivation
And that sense of inspiration
That keeps Muslims as their occupation.

To me, being a good Muslim means being a good person.
Because I’ll never ask you to kill or to slay
Or to lie at least five times a day.
I’ll never ask you to steal or to hate,
Or to swear or to discriminate.

I actually tell you to smile to everyone you see
Because a smile is the best form of charity.
I tell you not to smoke and not to drink.
To stay clean and take shower so you simply don’t stink.

I tell you to care for animals and treat them with care,
So yes, I’m against animal testing and abuse in case you weren’t aware.

I tell you to treat those who treat you bitter, better.
I tell you not to be mad at someone for more than three days.
I tell you to respect women and lower your gaze.
I tell you that paradise lies under the feet of your mother.
I tell you to passionately love your significant other.

I tell you never to mistreat your wife.
I mean, if I tell you to care for animals,
Then what about the love of your life?

I tell you to be precious and save yourself for the one,
So you don’t keep giving yourself away until you’re literally done.
I tell you to be moderate and that balance is key;
Just in the middle is the perfect place to be.

I tell you to excel in all that you do
From that essay to that slam dunk too.
I tell you to clear ignorance and to never judge,
To love for your Bro what you love for yourself and to never hold a grudge.

I tell you how to be a good person.
A person of peace and person of love.
And they say I’m an extremist
And you know what?  I am.
I am an extremist.  I am extremely kind.
So beware of my extreme benevolence to all mankind.

Yes, there are those who kill and bomb in my name,
But if I don’t approve then why am I to be blamed?
In every religion you find those who abuse it thinking they have a permit to do wrong;
A religion may be perfect but the followers may not be.
So if I commit mistakes don’t blame it on me.

I give what I got and what I got is good so,
If they do otherwise they misunderstood.

And I’m not here to preach,
I’m only here to teach.
I’m a professor in politics, economy, and sociology.
In matters of etiquette I got my PhD.

To all my teaching I have two sources,
The Book of God and the words of the Prophet are my resources.
I teach for free and whoever desires is to learn,
It’s all for the Sake of Allaah and I ask for nothing in return.

And listen, I’m not here to convert, but to just clear misconceptions,
With the way I’m viewed in my common perceptions,
Because yes, it hurts when I’m literally abused
By some who do it for pleasure just to be amused.
By some who do it to follow a trend because they’re clearly confused.

In a nutshell, my name is Islam and everything goes down to Salaam.

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