CBS News Web Interview

So I did make the final cut.  Read this earlier blog post.

Yippee!  Allaahu Akbar!

Sandra Wellington | CEO & Founder URBAN HIJAB

When I was contacted by a reporter to share my perspective on being Muslim in America, I initially thought the piece would be featured on a local network affiliate.  I did not realize the story would appear on the national CBS News website until after the video was published.  See the full video and read the article here.

Although I was humbled to receive acknowledgment for my work with URBAN HIJAB in a nationwide news story, what surprised me was my willingness to participate.  I was thrilled to be spotlighted on a major news media outlet, but my celebration of the momentous occasion was subdued.  As some of you know, twice in 2013 I came close to death and have been dealing with a disability which has thus far prevented me from producing clothes.  When one is facing hardship and sometimes those challenges seem insurmountable; one may be blasé about reaching the goal post because the struggle is all consuming.  In many ways, I am awaiting the next catastrophe to come my way.  Insha’Allaah, I’ll be able to climb that mountain.

Translation of the Holy Qur’an 94:5-8 | URBAN HIJAB

This news article is a turning point for me.  It is the first time that I, Sandra Wellington, have fully identified with the company URBAN HIJAB.  It has taken me this long because I am very private and I haven’t reconciled my individuality and the public persona.

Rebecca Lee and Stephanie, the CBS journalists who interviewed me, were very nice.  Even Kitty Kat was friendly with and came out to greet them, which she doesn’t often do with visitors.  We talked about politics and life as a Muslim woman in New York City.  We spoke about the genesis of URBAN HIJAB, my design aesthetics, the ideal client: a woman who prefers superior quality clothing and dresses modestly, and the impact URBAN HIJAB has made on Muslims and non-Muslims.  It was nice to be able to say the influence has been positive, alhamdulillaah.

Zainab Dress in Black & White | URBAN HIJAB

Future plans:

I will be starting physical therapy soon, working towards regaining the full function of my left leg, continue blogging, I just have to start publishing what I’ve written; and going back to the fabric stores again, insha’Allaah.

Peace Out!

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