TV News Crew Interview


Hey everyone!

I just wrapped up an interview with a TV news crew.  It isn’t my first time being interviewed, but if I make the final edit, it will be the first time many of you will see me.

I’m generally camera shy and avoid photographs, but this time I’ve decided to take this plunge and be a bit more public.

I was asked all sorts of questions regarding, Islam, my  conversion, and my company, URBAN HIJAB.  Of COURSE I was asked about politics…argh!  But that’s life.  😹😻

Rebecca and Stephanie, the journalists, were wonderful to work with.  They wanted to do a piece on Islam and Muslims that is less sensational and more reflective of every day folks.

Three cheers to y’alles!  Insha’Allaah this piece will be beneficial to most.


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