Blue Nail Polish in My Blood

It looks like we have human-to-human transmission of the Ebola virus in the USA.  We are not the first non-African nation to have this mode of transmission, which may upset some folks, but I wish we could have been the last.

Chipped Blue Nail Polish
Chipped Blue Nail Polish

How this transmission happened in a country like ours is somewhat puzzling, yet not too surprising and insha’Allaah we’ll come to know.  The situation reminds me of my long hospitalization in the summer of last year.  I was there for nearly 2 weeks and got along well with the staff, alhamdulillaah.  At the time of departure, one of the doctors came to tell me, in spite of my illness, I was a very pleasant patient to have around and she wish she had more patients like me, mashAllaah.

One day I was getting my scheduled injection of some drug.  The nurse in charge of my care came in and followed procedure by using the hand sanitizing station.  We began to chat.  She took out all of her instruments and we continued chatting.  She proceeded to attempt to inject me and all I was able to focus on was her bad manicure, chipping blue nail polish, and NO GLOVES!  The nightmarish vision, flecks of blue nail polish getting into my blood stream, struck me hard and I needed to wake-up.

Is she seriously planning to inject me without wearing gloves?  This is a hospital.  I am not here for a social call.  I’m here because I am unwell.  The nurse is here to help me get better.  We are not friends.  Politely, I said to her, “Can you please put on some gloves?”  She replied, “Yes, dear.  Not a problem.”

The idea that a health care professional, in a big name hospital was planning to inject a patient without wearing the required personal protective equipment was ghastly.  I know during my stay we all got along very well, alhamdulillaah, but that does not excuse a break in standard hygienic protocol.

Unless you are not breathing, ask your healthcare worker to put on gloves.  If they are coughing ask them to put on a mask.  If they refuse and you are still breathing and not gushing blood out of your head or any other part of your body, get their name, title, dismiss them from your care, and ask for their supervisor.

Everything turned out well and I have no blue nail polish in my blood, alhamdulillaah.


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