Jerry Metellus, Photograher

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Jerry Metellus


Art Director, Photographer, Artistic Consultant

WHO: Jerry Metellus.

FROM: Planet Earth by way of Haitian parents, born in New York, grew up in Montreal, Canada.  Lived in Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Norway.


LANGUAGES: Speaks French, Creole, English and some Italian.  And no, it’s not to impress the Ladies.

TRAITS: Early fascination with cameras, the limelight, Life on stage, and the world of fashion.  Started off in front of the camera as a model, dancer and actor.

DOES: Besides enjoying Life like crazy, shoots people with a Canon (most survive the experience).  Directs (well) any living being his lens is aimed at.

LIKES: Just about everyone and everything.

DISLIKES: Just about everyone and everything (just kidding).  People who walk around with the belief that the Center of the Universe had been lost and magically reappeared somewhere between their sternum and groin area.

CHALLENGES: Narrow minded and judgmental people who lack vision.

LOVES: Besides the home life with family, traveling.  Particularly to Europe where he spent a total of nine years.

CLAIM TO FAME: Heck, pick one!  Jerry appeared as a guest photographer on America’s Next Top Model on three separate occasions.  Also worked with a list of great folks such as MTV, TV Guide, Paula Abdul, Mike Tyson, Jerry Seinfeld, B.B. King, to name a few.  Also on the list, most of the main Las Vegas Hotel and Casinos, numerous ad agencies and several local and national publications.  In short, a whole lot of satisfied clients.  Yes!  They were too satisfied!

WORKS BEST WITH: People with a sick sense of humor and an occasional potty mouth…when kids aren’t around.

HOBBIES: Messing with people, entertaining folks and providing free therapy (for now…One day, it will cost you!).

MOTTO: “Do it seriously, Don’t take it seriously! It’s Entertainment!”

Jerry’s social media pages are packed with stunning examples of his work.  Like him on Facebook & follow this masterful visual artist on Twitter.




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