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Modern and Modest

Prior to contact with Revealed Books; the Torah, the Gospel, and the Qur’an, non-modern people were known for immodesty.  Laws governing these communities were arbitrary, opaque; and favored the powerful.  Illiteracy was common especially among the weak and poor.  These populations were also known for immodesty of dress.  Randomly applied and biased laws, illiteracy among the weak, and immodesty of dress are signs of non-modern people.


The Revealed Books modernize and promote modesty among humankind.  Laws are codified, transparent, and more universally applied.  Literacy rates increase as well social, political, and economic empowerment especially among the weak. These civilizations also dress more modestly.  Transparency and fair application of laws, education, and modest dress are marks of modern man.

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American recording artist James Brown, known as the “Father of Funk,” wrote the song, “Say It Loud, I’m Black And I’m Proud.”  In an interview, he reported that his non-African American associates attempted to revise the song to, “Say It Loud, I’m Black But I’m Proud.”  He explained the conjunction “but,” which is used to contrast, show the difference, would mean the concepts of Blackness and Pride are disjointed and unrelated.  Being Black and being proud are synonymous in sentiment and therefore must be taken as one unit; hence his word choice “AND.

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Empire State Building, New York City
Empire State Building, New York City

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